Neilsen® PRO ARC FR/ARC Rated Rainwear High Visibility Trouser


Code ARCT Available Yellow and Yellow/Navy

Regular and Long Sizes available 

Tested and Passed- 

24.5 Cal/cm2 (Ebt), ATPV 29.0 Cal/cm2
ANSI 107-2010 or CSA Z96-2009

ASTMF 1891-06

ASTM F 1959/F 1959M-06a:

ASTM F 1930-00 (2008): 

ASTM F 2733-09
ASTM E 96, E96M-05: 

Other Relevant Tested and Reference Standards

ASTM F1868-09: 
ASTM F 1506-08
NFPA 70E (2009 Edition) place (ref. standard)
CSA Z462—08; Workplace Electrical Safety

  • Elasticated Waist .
  • 3M Reflective Tape.
  • Zip Guset for Boot access